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Official Re Release Of Community Allstars RIDDIM FULL A CULTURE on CD
Springline Records
In association with
The Dub Ark community web site
Presents the official re release of
Riddim Full A Culture
Community All Stars
Official UK distributor ROOTS LAB INTL. (Available from May 21st, all proceeds to dubark direct from the distributor)

During the spring of 2009 a project was decided upon to release an album featuring the then current profiling reggae and dub musicians, producers and engineers who regularly plied their creations for reviews at the Dub Ark
The Dub Ark rose from the ashes of former reggae community websites such as the Versionist and Reggae Dubwise empire who’s monopoly on the reggae community scene gave way to a myriad of artist sites, forums and online magazines and running in parallel to these saw the emergence of new independent labels and radio stations.
The ‘underground’ uprising reggae and dub community that appears on this album has travelled quite a distance during the past three years since the Spring of 2009 with many of the artists appearing having their own record labels, recording studios and radio stations even operating record stores, some of these artists have continued to profile their creations across various sites and some have released official albums into the arena.
Riddim Full A Culture represents in our opinion the start of that uprising and stands testament to the quality and inspirational creativity that emerged from that ‘fresh start’ era.
The album features 15 tracks by 15 artists, producers, engineers and bands representing 4 nations with a multi genre multi technology presentation which includes vintage dub, digi dub, vintage roots, upbeat modern ska, idiosyncratic dubscapes and modern roots recorded and mixed on old equipment, new equipment, analog tape, hi tec digital desks and recording software showcasing everything that was the uprising in 2009
Available on CD and DDL with TC Box Set coming soon.
Official Release Date Official UK distributor ; Roots Lab Intl.
MAY 14

This promo pack is being sent out to our DJ and Review friends with physical CDs being sent to our small band of Radio Jocks who have supported Springline in fine style.. soon come. It goes without saying of course please do not re distribute the song files in this zip! All proceeds go towards the upkeep of the Dub Ark community web site.


Hailing from Huddersfield UK multi instrumentalist Digikal Roots has been a mainstay of the uprising community arena for over 5 years during which time we’ve seen him release an EP and 2 albums on his own independent label, his sound akin to the Randy’s ‘Impact’ record label with his clarity dub & instrumental productions he’s known for his professional crisp guitar work and full on drum sounds, more recently Digikal Roots has gained a considerable following with his live & direct radio show each weekend on Roots Lab Intl an interactive internet station where listeners can join in the show via webcams and chatrooms. Right up to date he’s about to open his own music distribution network stocking product from a variety of record labels including DDL CD & TC you can check out the radio station at www.rootslabintl.com

One of only a handful of German fully active ensemble roots and culture bands The Iditafari Family have been part of the uprising arena for over 10 years regularly giggin and recording studio sessions with their 10 piece outfit. Primarily a vintage roots band they’re also know for their vintage dub workouts, they have released as a promo CD album their ‘SOS In Paradise’ set in 2009 to sell at concerts. It’s a true family band and the more younger members have gathered together to form an offshoot band called ‘The Peacemakers’ and they can be found occasionally plying their works for reviews on various community sites. Read their history at www.iditafarifamily.com

He changed his stage name from ‘Syan’ back in 2007 and became Steve Steppa, a US multi instrumentalist with a penchant for heady and dense percussive backdrops peppered throughout much of his catalogue he’s also known for his excellent voicings over superb riddim tracks provided by both Flow Production (Switzerland) and EL Bib (UK) as an artist he’s excellent at adapting to different collaborative projects, the list of collaborations is endless, it’s difficult to collect together his complete archive as many ‘one away’ cuts and voicings have been lost to time but now and then a little Steve Steppa treasure turns up unexpectedly from someone’s mp3 collection. He’s officially released 6 albums to date and continues to record and profile on community sites. He’s currently operating a very interesting Face Book group displaying a vast amount of multi national reggae and dub videos. Check it at http://www.facebook.com/groups/249920278388686/

From Wales, musician, band front man, multi instrumentalist and producer since the eighties who’s not a stranger to many different music genres, during the past 5 years or so he’s presented quite a substantial catalogue of dub and electro dub chill workouts, known for his ‘double genre’ fondness; on the one hand presenting modern Ska/2Tone inspired leanings and on the other hand presenting more laid back chilled leanings, a very versatile performer producing an overall warm, soft wash to his sound David Powell is currently operating under the stage name The David Powell Experience, he’s released three official albums, one of which is from his mid 90s indie band and two albums of his dubs. You can discover the full Experience at www.davidpowellexperience.com

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After the inevitable demise of the community website ‘Reggae Dubwise’ the UK dub artist Gadman Dubs along with a small band of fellow artists whom, fed up with the way the former site was being run, it’s plenty politricks and all embarked on a project that continues today by launching his ‘Dub Ark’ web site, a haven for the profiling reggae uprising with many musicians, producers and labels passing through boarding the Dub Ark at various times during the past three years, although in today’s online community climate visitor numbers all across the board are dwindling - the community artist website phenomenon reached it’s peak in 2010 - we’ve seen a steady decline amongst the ‘bigger’ sites in this particular online genre yet the Dub Ark remains active with many new artists profiling there along side some artists that appear on this album who remain regular contributors to the site. Gadman dubs known for his fondness of the ‘DubStep’ genre is firmly entrenched in the ‘digi dub’ arena, he has released many albums at leading DDL stores and continues to captain one of the last few remaining active community sites. www.dubark.com

Londoner The Manor has been profiling across the board for over 5 years, known for his sublime and quite superb guitar work, his sound akin to that of circa; 1970-1974 Wailers, a heavy dense roots sound layers his productions with a fondness for deep in the mix melodies, licks and percussion at times heading into Black Ark territory without apology. He’s been in giggin bands and now operates Catch A Fire Studios (C.A.F) near Enfield London. The Manor has 2 official album releases the second of which can be found on both CD & DDL a mainstay of the uprising community he can always be searched out profiling on various sites. You can check out his latest release and read more at http://comeficonquer.com/#/promotion-cfc05/4562721854

One of the UKs uprising foundation digi dub pioneers EL Bib has an immense catalogue of works behind him both solo and in collaboration with numerous musicians and vocalists, a consistent and ultra professional producer who very rarely disappoints, known for his ‘Revolutionary Dub Vibrations’ Trilogy of albums which feature ‘of the day’ profiling artist creations and are available as free promo downloads. El Bib is one of the ‘mainstay’ artists who contributed to all the community sites during their respective lifespans with his works, you can find out more at www.dubvibrations.com

At times in the ‘old’ community arena it was an uphill struggle... No stranger to controversy the infamous foundation Dub artist and producer David Pablo known for his superb guitar work and mixing skills has produced some quite outstanding creations both solo and in collaboration during the past 6 years, he’s a regular giggin session artist and can be found playing alongside and on stage with vintage JA artists at various events and at clubs in the US. Although he’s appeared on a handful of official V/A album releases and on a couple of free V/A promo albums he’s yet to officially release an album in his own right, something that we hope one day will happen. You can link up with the man at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681611872

From Germany and featuring long time community contributor I Rebel the Droegen Bwoys are a roots outfit who regularly record and gig, they released an official CD album in 2012 to wide acclaim from the arena. Known for their warm dense arrangements the Droegen Bwoys’ I Rebel can be found regularly at the Dub Ark community site profiling and in collaboration with fellow artists. Find out more and discover their links at http://www.reggae-rebel-farm.net/
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From the US Dub Alchemist was during 2009/10 profiling and contributing regularly at various community sites and although by comparison to his fellow artists had a smaller catalogue of works he produced some very quirky, melodic and themeatic creations, firmly entrenched in the digi dub genre. We havn’t heard from Dub Alchemist in a while now and he remains one of the more elusive community profilers. There are other artists from other nations using the same stage name and we’re finding it difficult to track down a reliable ‘link’ to add here.

Foundation uprising artist Willie Steen could at one time be found profiling on all the online community sites, his creations are fondly revered with their Quasi analog sound and although his catalogue is sparse to date it contains a collection of superbly recorded and well mixed works. We’ve still yet to see an official album release from Willie Steen in it’s own right. He did record however a wonderful collaboration with Germany’s Droegen Bwoys back in 2009 entitled “Freedom Cry” and he has appeared on a handful of V/A albums, another artist difficult to track down of late.

Profiling and recording continuously for what seems like decades -and probably is- London’s Yabass (more recently with the stage name Yabass Yaba Radics) is known for his ability to reproduce the vintage dub sound whether it be early seventies analog or early eighties digital clarity era, he’s been in giggin bands, he’s been a session musician and now records with his Yaba home town hi fi mobile unit. He can currently be found co/operating the Come Fi Conquer publishing house along side Springline’s Gibsy Rhodes promoting and releasing new works from himself and fellow spars. It may be interesting to point out that his tune on this album “King Of The Underground” was recorded and mixed entirely on a Tascam 4 track. Find more recent early eighties style Yabass at www.comeficonquer.com

A recording and production outfit that had a lot to offer to fans of that ‘sparse’ dense idiosyncratic Black Ark period of dub reggae. US trio Albusark Studios profiled heavily during the 2009/10 period across various community sites. They profiled dozens of ‘un finished demo’ style works during this time and only a handful of ‘finished’ mixes are in existence, 3 of which Springline is lucky to have exclusively in it’s archive. We’ve yet to see an official album release by the ‘emotional dub outfit’ they do however appear on a handful of V/A album releases and occasionally can be found profiling on certain sites. We can’t trace a reliable (up to date) active link for them. They appear to be taking some time out at this stage.

Although one of the “newer’ members of the uprising foundation represented on this album King Dauda can still be found profiling heavily across various community sites most notably on Soundcloud where he has over 20 of his creations present. King Dauda presents a warm dense simplistic yet quirky vibe with his works which have a strange Zulu like atmosphere, one of the idiosyncratic leaning artists from the arena, you can check his portfolio at http://soundcloud.com/king-dauda

The most idiosyncratic dub and acoustic dub/folk experrymentalists from the uprising arena. Canada’s Denja has officially released 2 albums and is currently laying plans for his third creation. Never afraid to go against the grain and present the dub in his own vision Denja over the past 3 years has built up quite a cult following around town he also recently dropped a few radio shows at Come Fi Conquer Radio, he can still be found profiling his catalogue at selected community sites, you can check his official site at www.denjasounds.com

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